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While our backs are turned....

Today on Main St anywhere USA, a robber walked into a bank to make a "withdrawal." He was prepared to shoot the customers and employees, anyone who got in his way.
He opened the door and made his way past 2 customers arguing over who was in front of who in line. All the other customers were distracted by this.
He made his way through the crowd to choose a teller. The head teller was discussing protocol with a new teller. It got quite heated as the new teller believed his way was right. The other tellers were dealing with customers and security was engaged in all that was going on.
The man stepped up to the counter and realized the cash drawer was open. He reached over the counter and removed all the money.
On his way out, he passed a computer that was unoccupied while the employee who usually was at the desk was getting coffee. Looking around he realized that no one was paying attention. He sat at the desk and with years of hacking experience, he made himself and account, changed a few passwords and hurried away.
At home, he gained access to the system and made himself a millionaire.

Bank officials were later shocked and appalled that such a man could bypass their perfect security, their honest and hard working staff.

While out backs are turned....


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Dec 21, 2005
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Is this a true story or a clever fabrication?
No matter, it does show how naive and trusting we can be.
Similar to 12-7 and 9-11, and this will happen again, we will sleep and trust.
We must learn to trust our government more and ourselves less.
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