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What is the Point?

Here I am again dealing with partisans from all sides. Every day we see people assuming what the truth is, when no one seems to know the truth. It's just so damned frustrating, isn't it?

I figure I could put my energy into being some learned conservative or liberal, but what's the point? To be strictly on one side of the coin is to not be able to see the other side of the same coin. Every day we see atheists and the religious go at it. They just won't stop. I feel old beyond my years seeing this perpetual battle of beliefs. It just seems like it'll never end and that no matter how much you know it'll never be enough. It just feels that you'll never find out exactly what the truth is.

So, what do we do people? Do we just believe ONLY in the things our five senses can discern? If so then emotions go out the door, right? All religion and all sense of morals cease to exist. Right and wrong no longer exist. Murdering a man no longer becaomes wrong, just as when some other animal kills an animal is not wrong.

It's just so frustrating to see them same battles over and over and over again. Do we believe in God or gods? Do we consider old, religious traditions, or do we mold our religion according to what society thinks?

How do we discern what really is right for society? Do we only consider damages, morals be damned?

Sometimes I feel like screaming because we will never have complete and utter certainty on what the truth is.

Take for example the "scientifically-minded," who tend to deny God and traditional morals. Do you know what I find to be incredibly funny? They still believe in morals. It's ridiculous because, based on what our senses perceive, there are absolutely no such things as morals. Kill every human and you'll find everything coceptual comes to an utter, screeching halt. Think about it. Without humans what happens to the concept of "joy?" Let's go further. Take all life out of the equation. Now we know for sure "joy" doesn't exist. Joy cannot exist without humans. Without any life, if we are to assume other forms of life besides humans experience joy.

You know what, let's focus on humans for a bit. What in the bloody hell is it to be "human?" Is that just another cliche word devoid of meaning? Either nothing humans do entails "being human," or ******* everything humans do can be considered "being human." Are any of you familiar with the show titled "Dexter?" Dexter is a human being devoid of emotions. He kills people he perveives to be immoral. Dexter kills. Dexter is a human. Humans kill. To kill is human. To kill and murder is a facet of being human. You cannot cherry-pick what people must be like to "be human," and ignore other elements you "don't like."

Animals kill as well. Humans are supposedly animals.

There is no such thing as humanity. There is merely "being a human." Humans can do many, many things. Any of those things is being human.

It's just frustrating. How are you to live your life? How do you construct an ideology where all doubt is completely removed? Don't tell me being a progressive is an example. That's a ******* joke. A wannabe of those who seek the truth. Progressives still have "morals," "beliefs," and other hypothetical, man-made constructs. They only dance on the planks of past beliefs and thoughts.

To find the truth are we to live like animals? Since when do ants have morals? Sure, ants have their own constructs, but they have, as far as I can tell, no emotions, no morals, no beliefs. Like animals, they merely do what they can to survive.


Ever been fed-up with all of the biased opinions and hackery, logical fallacies and appeals to emotion, etc, etc? Yeah, I feel that. How are you ever going to find the truth when almost everyone takes part in "coming up" with beliefs, morals, biases, etc?

What is the point of it all?

All we can do is speculate on the voids of knowledge, it seems.

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