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What do SALTINES Mean to YOU?


Buttermilk Man
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Dec 29, 2015
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Olympia Wa
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I cant think of nor eat saltines without thinking of a 10 min video I watched in 74 or maybe 75 on either Sat or Sun cartoons. They showed film of pallets of saltines, the ones in the metal cans that no one has made for decades, being loaded into nuclear bomb shelters. We were reassured that if the bomb happened we would never run out of either water or saltines.

That, and it is not tomato soup it has not got no dang saltines.

It was on CBS btw, I think we were up to 4 channels by then.

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I love saltines. For my mother, an upset stomach always got canned tomato soup with saltines. I love saltines with a salad.

Many, many years ago I was a drunk and was bumming around and I went into a little greasy spoon in north Florida and got a bowl of red chili for a quarter. There was a bowl with saltines. I had a glass of water. I ate all the saltines and slowly ate my chili and I asked for, and received, more saltines. I slowly, slowly ate my chili and ate the saltines. When I raised my finger the cook, waiter, cashregister guy said, "If you ask for more saltines I'll kick your ass." "No, sir, I was just going to tell you this was the best darned chili I've ever eaten." He grinned and gave me some more saltines.
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