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What are the goals of debatepolitics.com?

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I found this on another site.
I believe it represents the goals of debatepolitics.com and our members.

Our wish for this forum is that all who attend come away with a richer understanding of the issues being debated, and with an increased appreciation of differing viewpoints held by others. [sentence removed for context]

Most of us will have been involved previously in other discussion communities where some contributors' goals seemed rather different than that - perhaps to bullyingly forward a particular party line while loudly denigrating the perceived political enemy. The assumption that we are already uniquely in possession of the 'truth' is as effective a barrier to learning anything new as a person might possibly devise.

Of course, the tricky part about humility is that it applies to yourself, not to others. Therefore it seems intellectually prudent to be at least as curious and critical regarding our own assumptions as those of others.
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