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We The People


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Feb 27, 2006
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New Mexico
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A layman's guide to a better government, economy and society.

We the people. That little opening to our Declaration of independence says a lot with just 3 words. It is all inclusive, it leaves no one out, it doesn't put one group over another.

In order to form a more perfect union. This line doesn't say we are perfect , but we are trying, but it takes everyone's efforts to strive to be better. We all have to be actively involved with this process to make it work. We can't be lazy and leave it up to someone else to do. If that's the case, you might as well move back to Europe or where ever it is your family came from.

Our government was initially designed to be user friendly and very interactive. The word democracy is defined as being 1. a government in which political control is shared by all the people, either directly or by representatives whom they the people elect. 2. A state so governed. 3. Political legal, or social equality. The Greek terms demos or people + krateein or to rule. This definition is from a 1975 edition of the Doubleday Dictionary.

I hear Mr. Bush using the words democracy or democratic without knowing the true meaning of them. There is very few governments in the whole world that even come close to being a true democracy and the USA is very low on that list. A true democracy would not meddle in the affairs of another country, we should be busy enough trying to make this one better. We can only set an example that other people would want to follow, not force this form of government on anyone not willing to be a part of.

It seems that very few of these elected officials actually ask the people whom they represent how they should vote on the different bills or laws etc,, before they vote on them. I think that the Senate and the House members need to send out a petition to their constituents that defines what the law or bill is about, leaving nothing out, no hidden loopholes or unrelated attachments. They should have a page for comments and suggestions to go with it. This will allow the individual a chance to have some input about the issue, and will give that senator or congress person something to take to the debate on the floor of the house or senate.
The USA Patriot Act should have been put up for a vote by the people, not rushed through without being fully read and understood by all members of the senate and the house.

Laws should not be written by lawyers. All laws should be written in clear layman's terms, totally defining the who, what, when,where, how and why the law is needed. Political science should be a mandatory class in all 4 years of high school.

We the People have a vested interest in this government, it's called blood. It needs to be cared for like a child. The government is not the administration or the people in it. It is the set of rules we have to go by that should dictate the way we operate or conduct ourselves as citizens. And we need to ensure our children know what it is all about before they vote. This brings to mind that song, “Teach Your Children”, it says teach your children well. It seems that that song wasn't played enough and a lot of those that did listen to it, failed to act or follow it's ideals or message. Do we need to make a politics video game? Have CSPAN on your Black Berry?

It is said that the USA has a “free market economy”, it's not free, it costs you to invest in it or trade stocks etc, over and above the cost of the stocks.

The stock market is wrong for any such free market economy. Our initial economy was based on demand and supply, which means that people want or need something, so they come up with a way of making it. It's not supply and demand. And whoever can make the best product at the best price usually did better than the other guys. The other guys just had to either try harder or try something else. But they need to keep the door open to make whatever it is in the future. The people didn't mind paying a bit more if the product was going to last longer and be easy to repair or get repaired. Real truth in advertising. The manufacturers need to be more flexible.

The advertising dollars spent selling something could be better spent asking ALL the people what they need or want. They can offer jobs to those that want to work making the stuff they want or need at the same time. Happy workers are there because they want to. Your best customers will be your employee's, who will also be your best advertisers, as well. Cuts your cost of advertising by ¾ or more, money better spent making the best product. Don't limit yourself or your companies capabilities to make what the people need or want. You must remember “needs” always come first. If you can make what the people just got to have to survive at a low enough price, then the people will have more money left to spend on the “wants” list. By the way, my consulting fee's are very reasonable. I am available via the Internet you can find my e-mail address at the end of this chapter. You must learn to use the latest digital tools, maybe even how to make them.

But economics is but a small part of what our founding father's saw when they designed the prototype of our democracy. It has been upgraded a few times. And some of the improvements don't work and we need to look at the blue prints a little closer and ensure that any changes don't take away from any of the other functioning parts that are already in place. The Bill of Rights act as a life time guarantee to the Constitution and what it stands for, 100%, no deductible. Our government was not designed to run a business nor to be run like a business.
It is there to protect the citizens from bad business's as well as bad terrorists. Bad business's such as Exxon-Mobil Oil need to be held responsible for their unsafe business practices and pay the damages to the people of Alaska who are suffering for the sake of the Corporations profit margin. There is no honor among thieves is there? It takes more intestinal fortitude to admit when you are wrong or have made a mistake and take the necessary steps to correct that error or mistake, than all of the lawyers working for Exxon have as a group. They may show an increase in sales after they make things right for Alaskans. “You attract more bee's with
flowers than with oil”. Here is some free advise for Exxon,” pay for the cleanup now. Hire all
of the out of work fish industry people there to assist in the cleanup, hire their boats as well.
You took away their whole way of life in one bad move. Make it right, NOW or go put your application in at Macdonald's. “Confession is good for the spirit in all religions”, “honesty is the best policy”. Need I go on? You ask. Who am I to tell you when you make a mistake? Well my experiences in life as a poor farm boy from the Midwest who enlisted in the USAF and spent
the next 18 years as either the gun powder or part of the trigger that fired the nuclear bullet so you could safely live the American dream. Now don't I get that same right or privilege that you enjoyed? Shouldn't I be compensated for the injuries I suffered while fighting on the front lines
of the Cold War? Did we not win the Cold War? Where's my combat pay? I got to play with the biggest bullets in the world, what did you do on your nineteenth birthday? I was working on a plane loaded with nuclear weapons on ready alert, in a foreign country even. That didn't rate
as hazardous duty to the one's in charge. I guess hanging out on the bull's eye of one of the USSR's highest priority targets in a nuclear war isn't a bit hazardous. What is? The rest I have learned on the job. So to speak. I read a lot, I listen a lot, to be able to understand what is being said, and informed opinions are more respectable than formed or instilled opinions.

Our government has become like an unruly child that requires a little discipline. It is now sassing back to it's parents, and even threatening to commit acts of violence on them. The child is now so spoiled and unruly it would enslave or even kill it's own parents to get it own way. I recall reading an article where Mr Bush compared the average American to be like a 10 year old child. Yet he may be right. Most 10 year olds like to follow the crowd, be one of the gang. They don't know right from wrong, or good from bad totally yet. And they will believe about anything you tell them with a straight face. Mr Bush must be talking about his followers or supporters. Because he sure told them a “tall tale” and they bought it.
MORE TO COME from www.darealamerican.blogspot.com contact me via a post or reply to this post. KATT
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