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We are not the greatest, and haven't been for years! (1 Viewer)

Alright first off, this is my opinion, not fact, my opinion of how the world looks through the eyes of someone who fought in the Marine Corps, and is disgusted with his choices of doing so. No I am not some whining vet crying that i got my feeling hurt over there, or that I was sad that I had to pick up my friend's leg, I am a vet who served honorably for four years. I deployed twice to Iraq, 17 months total in combat, with 9 of those months being what I could only describe as a constant paranoid hell. That is my military bs I will add to this, so please realize, I really don't give a damn if you hate this blog. It is my OPINION, if I was lying and saying it was fact, then obviously, I would have no grounds to not care.

Now on to the subject matter of this blog. I decided to write this in the early a.m. hours of yet another sleepless night. I sit around and I watch MSNBC, Fox (For about ten minutes and then my ears want to be ripped off.), and Cnn for my news info. That is right weird huh? I actually look at both sides of the political media, wow crazy huh? I do this so that I can take a rational opinion from the experience, usually with me shaking my head at fox news and realizing that they really couldn't be any more horrible at their job. That was six years ago I first decided that. Now after watching those three news programs, I realize one very true fact, America is not, and has not been the greatest country in the world for quite some time. The GW years should have showed us the true face of America, because for once we didn't have a politician in the white house, we had a man who represent at least 35% of the u.s. population, the idiots. GW Bush represents to me the greatest idiotic experiment the U.S. has ever done, take a mentally handicap man and see how many vote for him. Guess what folks, we did it! I was too young to vote the first time around, but after that I looked at Kerry and looked at Bush and said to myself "Jesus, either the retard or the idiot." I use retard in the sense that he literally has to have some form of mental retardation to actually think he makes sense!

The only way that Bush Jr. ever made sense to me is that for a time I thought he was an actor. I thought that there is no way a man this dumb gets elected, I was 15 when I said that by the way, so he must be this brilliant actor who is showing America that they would actually put up with his stupidity when given crap options. I thought, wow this guy is great, a social experiment on the national level and I doubt many see it. Then four years later I was again shocked, and four years after that I was again shocked, that while leaving office, people actually said they would prefer Bush to stay than have Obama as president. I really cannot stress enough how again this shows the tremendous drop in IQ of this country as a whole. The average citizen is about as informed about the national scale of things as an ant in an ant farm. Closed off, and only barely looking through the glass at the world beyond. Now we are a country of poorly educated, socially inept, selfish, greedy, and disloyal citizens.

It seems that this greatest country line we have been shouting since the 50s, has faded with the racism, the hatred, and the violence. Though it now comes a new form of arrogance other than skin color, economic wealth. Alright so you have money, what can you do with money? Buy things, hmm well trading has become a great industry now a days so less and less people are buying now with actual cash. So buying things is out, the only other thing is line your clothing in the winter with it, or burn it for a fire. That is the use of paper currency currently used. With all those pieces of paper, the CEO's gain both power and possession, why? Why is a man or woman's worth no longer measured by how much food they bring the town, or how much crop they were able to grow last spring, when did men and a few women, gain the ability to control others through nothing more than that they changed the right amount of paper with the right amount of people.... It has to stop somewhere and somehow.

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