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United Earth World Government

In order to effectively prevent the onset of World War III, the United Nations must be replaced by a far more powerful and centralized institution namely a world government. This new supernational government must promote cultural, political, and economical union among its member states as well as serve as an effective "higher order" to resolve disputes among its member nation-states.

This is a very rough draft of the formation of the UE world government; further details will be provided for later as necessary.

In order to facilitate its creation, the New World Order of economics and worldwide socialism must be destroyed. The Illuminati must surrender its ambitions to unite the world under economic means. Resistance is ultimately and truly futile. The TPP will not pass, the TTIP will not pass, and the TISA will not pass. This has been divinely ordained by the Most Highs of Norlatiadek in their central constellation headquarters of Edentia.

The founding member states of the UE government will consist of the five permanent security council members of the UN: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These five countries including any secondary founding member states (potentially Japan and South Korea) must withdraw from the United Nations to declare themselves as part of United Earth.

The UE world government will be based off of a modified version of the US federal government system.

The formation of the new government will be catalyzed by the imminent discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent human life forms and their civilizations. This will be accomplished once humanity establishes its first successful colony on Mars.
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