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Trump Kids Not Registered to Vote in New York


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Jan 21, 2013
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Donald Trump's kids are not registered to vote in the New York Primary. Now, I find it hard to believe that Trump's kids would not want to vote for their father. Or that his father would not want them to vote for him. I find it hard to believe that he wasn't nagging them constantly every day to remember to vote for him in New York. That's how most political families operate...

There seems to be reluctance on Trump's family to even participate in this race. Sure he has his kids out there campaigning for him, but I hardly ever seen them agreeing with his ideas. Whatever they may be. They mostly stick to the businessman image and never dare utter what they think of his more faux republican ideas. Could it be that Trump's kids are not registered to vote in New York, because it's hard to switch parties and vote for the other party in New York? It is reported by Trump himself that his kids are very disappointed that they couldn't vote for him. I could definitely see a scenario in which the Trump kids having always voted democrat in the past, now are disappointed when they learn that they suddenly couldn't vote for their father who is now suddenly a Republican.

This is what likely happened to the Trump family thanks to this election law:
An obscure bit of election law (Section 5-304) requires voters to change their party enrollment prior to the registration deadline for the general election in November the year before the primary, giving New York the earliest change-of-party deadline of the 11 U.S. states with a closed primary system.

NY Voters Have Two Days Left To Change Parties For Next Year's Presidential Primary: Gothamist
A law they wouldn't have cared or known about had Trump not just jumped in a decided to run seemingly on a whim.

Two of Donald Trump?s Children Can?t Vote for Him in Primary - Washington Wire - WSJ
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Embarrassing, and damn funny.
Another scenario is that they knew about the law but they just couldn't register as Republican to vote for him. It was against their belief system but it's even easier to blame the party, it's the popular thing to do these days. So they go with that.
That's the beauty of never having to register to vote. I haven't needed to register to vote since I first stepped into the polls 12 years ago.
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