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  • Like that

    "Stop being a sissy".

    What's funny is he often exclaims that he's a "true Man".

    Partially because he still believes women shouldn't be let out of the house and should still be subject to physical abuse if they step out of line... Yeah that's who you're dealing with there.
    Holy ****, you are ON tonight! Haymarket is a statist twit. Keep smackin' him down.
    Back atcha, sweet thing! I love seeing how active you and Rob have become here. I hope you're enjoying the forum! *hugs*
    jesus h christ... :lamo

    I should have checked out your profile earlier. So who else is here? I suspect someone else is a certain member from pcf/pp from her posting style and comments. LOL too funny- Everyone migrating over here.
    What's up? It's Snake from PP. This place is a bit different, but it's not full of frat kids, or dominated by communists like the other place. Love the lady of the lake reference.
    Hey, I tried to PM you but don't know if it went through. :lol: I'm still figuring this place out, with all the fancy bells and whistles. <<hug>> Glad to see you here.
    Great! Now if you want to go to my profile and leave me lovenotes, you can click on your friends, then click my name! Voila! You're there! If you run across Superfly, be sure to send her a friend request too!
    Hey, Thrilla! Good to see you here. You might remember me as Di from PCF and PP... or you might not! I'm sending you a friend request. Just check the box, okay?
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