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Trigger finger woes

So, my typing is slowwwwwwww due to my half bent finger I have suffered with for the past 4 years and typos galore due to peck peck peck. I was cutting chicken in to chunks for my dog (she had a gastro prob) and felt this horrible click and snap and excruciating pain in the palm of my hand, but once the pain went away, my finger moved! However....if I bend it in like a fist, it gets stuck! So now I am wearing a wrist thumb guard thingy and my keyboard is cocked up high so my fingers are aimed down and it seems to be helping, but using my point finger is hard on the keyboard. Guess I better call te doc cuz this sucks. Who woulda thunk the point finger is used so damn much when typing? Ack!
I want to close my hand so bad..been a long time since I have been able to do it, but I'm afraid to. If it gets stuck bent down...I am screwed. I'd rather it be straight out than bent!
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