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Top Ten Democratic Party Sex Scandals [USA]

The Top Ten Democratic Party Sex Scandals of the United States! This video was created in 2018 and I've tried to include scandals that are both recent and obscure. This video should not be used to launch political attacks. A video entitled "Top Ten Republican Party Sex Scandals" will be coming out soon. Please do not get upset.

The Democratic Party of the United States has experienced numerous groundshaking sex scandals that they'd prefer to sweep under the rug. And the uninformed tend to deny that a problem even exists so, consider this video, my effort to demonstrate how troubled things really are.

From alleged child abuser Ed Murray to confirmed pedophile Jacob Schwartz, there are plenty of stories you've never heard of here, that have been completely swept under the rug. The Democrats tend to have a lot of issues with sexual misconduct - and this video will shine a lot on these roaches, one person at a time.

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