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Top 5 Problems With The Environment!

Okay, its time to discuss some issues about the environment – not global warming, not space travel – Planet Earth. The day is January 9th 2018 and I say, lets discuss the Top 5 environmental issues no one is talking about. :)

5) Dead Zones
A dead zone is a low oxygen area in oceans and lakes, usually caused by
“excessive nutrient pollution from human activities”
alongside other things that deplete oxygen required for marine life.

Water comes in the mouth and leaves through the gills –
The fish remove the oxygen from the water and use that to live –
Fish don’t breathe water, they breathe oxygen.
When there’s no oxygen, fish suffocate – or, drown basically.

In 2003 there were 146 dead zones found.
In 2008 there were 405 dead zones.
Some dead zones are about half a square mile…
Other dead zones, are 27 thousand square miles large!!!

What causes dead zones? Usually its too much nitrogen and phosphorus in the ocean. Example, clothing detergent used to contain TONS of phosphorous that would end up in the ocean; so phosphates in detergents eventually got banned.

The problem is, chemical fertilizers usually have nitrogen and phosphorous – So those fertilizers are the number 1 human related cause of dead zones! By the way, sewage also causes dead zones – get a septic tank!

Dead zones can occur naturally due to changes in water circulation – but as of 2017, all the fertilizer we’re using is causing most of them. 😦

4) Garbage Gyres!
What’re those? Big patches of garbage floating in the ocean. 10 meters thick, just tons of plastics that never decomposes!The Great Pacific Garbage patch is between the size of texas, and 8% of the pacific ocean! TONS OF TRASH, THE SIZE OF TEXAS IS FLOATING OUT THERE! 8% OF THE SURFACE OF THE OCEAN, JUST COKE BOTTLES AND CANDY WRAPPERS! Its clear on its own, just looking at the photos, that we need to do something, If only people knew it existed…

3) Cigarettes
According to medicalnewstoday ~ Cigarettes pollutes 10 times more than diesal car exhaust. Now in my opinion, that seems like a HUGE EXAGGERATION, but listen, cigarettes do pollute, that’s a proven fact. Just follow me on this ~ you know why cars pollute? Not only because they burn fuel, but also because creating a car requires a factory – factories burn fuel. Same thing with all products.

You use pesticides and FERTILIZER to grow tobacco plants, shovel that into factories, shovel that into trucks across America, have people smoke all that TAR and Nicotine – Then litter their cigarette butts across the roads. I’ll be honest, smoking is a bad habit in my opinion – I have a huge bias there – but still, we should definitely be talking about the environmental impact it has.

2) Protests
Does anymore remember the Dakota Access Pipeline?It was an underground oil pipe that would cross through some native american land or something. When the protests ended, no one cleaned up and there was a huge environmental issue at play. Here’s a headline: “Standing Rock Protesters Leave Behind Enough Trash to Create Environmental Crisis” – How? They left behind over 200 cars and tons of trash – The fluids from the cars and other garbage, if left alone, would get into the Missouri river! On February 3rd The US Army Corps of Engineers said A major concern is the “debris, trash, and untreated waste” left behind by protesters that will be carried down the Missouri River if it isn’t cleaned up.

WOW. And this isn’t the only time its happened. During Occupy Wall Street, protesters left TONS of trash and human feces in the streets ~ One demonstrator actually took a dump on a police car! Just google “Occupy Wall Street Trash” – you’ll see endless photos of it!Political issues are important, but poop leads to disease and death – Pooping in the street, is for children!

1) Pets
According to a professor at UCLA, having pets hurts the environment, here’s a quote.

“The problem, he explains, is that dogs and cats eat a lot of meat, which, as any good vegetarian knows, destroys the planet, creating the equivalent, UCLA Newsroom explains, of 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year — “about the same climate impact as a year’s worth of driving from 13.6 million cars.”

“Professor Okin calculates that all told, the food produced for cats and dogs is responsible for about 25-30 percent of the environmental impact of meat consumption in the entire country.”

WOW. According to the EPA, 9% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from agriculture. Beyond that, I couldn’t find a breakdown of the quantity of emissions from meat production in the USA alone. So instead, lets just look at this cool study okay?

According to The Guardian, half of all agriculture emissions are from livestock, lets take that proportion and apply it to the USA. 4.5% of US emissions would be from livestock. Turning everyone vegan and killing all pets would cut emissions by 4.5 percent.

That sounds pretty significant! So, if anyone out there is REALLY interested in helping save the world – become vegan and euthanize your doggo!But me? I’m just gonna be a normal human being, and leave the natural order of things there
I’ll eat meat, own a dog, and use vehicles when I need to because…

You really shouldn’t let any of this go to your head. Lets just stop using plastic and set up more train stations – No more candy wrappers and no more ocean dumping – please and thank you! Because honestly, there’s no way we’re all going to kill our dogs and cats – So just shove off! Guys, I’ll see you in the next article!


Closing Summary

I highly suggest you all check out Crash Course: Ecology to learn more about these issues! Beyond that, let me summarize the basic points of this video. DEAD ZONES! Areas where there is no oxygen in the ocean, leading to tons of dead fish! Garbage Gyres! 8% of the surface of the pacific ocean is pure garbage, which leads to more dead fish and polluted water! Cigarettes! Why are we even producing these things? Use tons of fertilizer and pesticides to create Tobacco plants (those two things lead to dead zones by the way) – then ship the tobacco to factories and ship them all across America in gas guzzling super trucks, only for the cigarette butts to be littered everywhere! PROTESTS! People leave their signs and tents and literal poop all over the place and lead to not only economic struggles, but also environmental struggles! PETS! Get rid of all pets in America, it would have a HUGE impact in saving the environment, end of story! Write to your congressman, today! :O



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Habitat loss and fragmentation is a bigger problem than even those are. For example, if there were better preserved natural riparian areas along rivers and streams, dead zones would be much less of a problem as excess nutrients from farming would be more absorbed by the forested areas along those streams and rivers.
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