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Toils of lifes Fortunes

Thanks for the link to the poem. I like this part!
Fate, in health
and in virtue,
is now against me,
driven on
and weighted down,
always enslaved.
It made me think about my fortune and lifes toils.
So I wrote this about my life:

Oh, fortune then a
breeze blowing me
past my life and into
the next.

I neither remain
Vigilant or even hopeful
for values higher than
the worth of my ruin.

This longest of ends
makes dark sorrows
of contemplations, long
held of dreams that since
have departed my reason.

Forward and into tomorrow
I must surely perish or worse
Suffer hope- that illusive fruit
that grows ever more bitter with
Each bite.

Cursing the pains of my
Indignation. While I must
Tow the wind of life behind
me, When hence ; it fails to
make sail and carry me thru
to the ended torment of It’s
long winding traverse.

Soldiers adorn the road
Telling things of youth and
wearily giving me glimpses
into the nature of this travel.

Neither catching rest or being
Able to cause this delay in my
Fate. I trust not, in using my
experience to guide me further.

Wonder has ceased to arrive.
Acceptance replaces the fray of
my busied thoughts.

The reservation stated thus,
shall be kept no matter what
I have lived or how forceful
I engaged in love through
My time of dying .
Incomplete! lol I got stuck.
3 hrs 14 min and - I changed the last couple of sentences. Still it fails to move at my command, it sits there unchanged.
I get distracted and post- start zepplins- ten years gone, and Bham I get led a stray by an inner creative passion thats producing everything except for what I will it to- lol. So off I go to post again.
Done! Finally -I got it- I ended up listening to the rover tho ..
I reckon ,what ever works. I ended with the title of another one I seen it there on the left on my You Tube page . Thanks auntie.
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