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This tells it like it is, If your a Liberal you might not like it.

Navy Pride said:
This pretty much tells it like it is......If your a Liberal and a Bush hater you may not like it though.....


God Bless President Bush, our troops in harms way and the USA
I'm considered a liberal. I am certainly not a Bush supporter. But that was a very moving video, and I'm willing to bet most liberals would agree. I fully support the troops. I disagreed with the way the Iraq war was played out, but now that we're there, we need to make sure it is stabalized and able to defend itself. My support for the troops has never wavered. They have the toughest job in the world right now. God bless them.

Don't mistake anti-Bush with anti-troops.
I'm a liberal and not a Bush supporter and I liked it. I respect the soldiers out there in Iraq and I hope they all get back home safely some day.
I just don't think the Bush Administration had the freedom of Iraqis in their mind as a goal in this war. And I don't think the Pentagon has handled the war too well at all. Again, sadly it is the troops that have to suffer the consequences.

The only thing I didn't agree with the video clip is preparing the Iraq war with WW2, I liked the rest.
Wow, that gave me chills. Thank you.
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