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They way it was intended

The Constitution is no mystery. It is a simple document, with straight forward wording and little room for interpretation. The primary purpose was to bring individual States together to pool resources for defense and trade.

The Federal Government has three basic functions:
  • Facilitate trade between the States and foreign governments
  • Protect the borders
  • Protect the rights held by the people
In practice, the Federal Government is more like the UN than a full fledged government. The Federal Government is supposed to organize a standing military (army and navy) to supplement the state militias. They are, in essence, a vehicle for increasing the strength of the states through greater numbers.

The Federal Government, through the same principles above, is also tasked with using the combined resources of the States as leverage for trading with foreign governments. The combined negotiating power of 50 states is much greater than that of any individual state. Moreover, the Federal Government is also tasked with maintaining fair trade between the several States through the commerce clause.

The final, and most important, responsibility of the Federal Government is to protect the rights of citizens. The thought, when the Constitution was drafted, was that the Federal Government would not be drafting laws that would apply to citizens. Therefore, the Federal Government would be the best entity to charge with protecting citizens from the government. This is the principle behind the Bill of Rights.

In practice, States politics should be the most important politics to any individual. The Governors of the States should hold the offices that are most likely to affect the daily lives of the citizens of each state. The President's primary responsibilities should be to command the military and ensure that the Congress does not pass legislation that does not meet the goals of the Constitution.


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