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The Transit of Mercury (1 Viewer)

I am a bit do astrophotography. Now it is very, very little free time. It is also a serious obstacle light pollution of the city. Leave the city with a telescope is not possible. So lately I photograph is very rare.

But by the transit of Mercury over the Sun disk on May 9 by not passed :)

A small dot just below the middle of the Sun - that is Mercury.

I also photographed a sunny spot, which is in the photo just above the middle of the disc.

I understand many astrologers recommend not engaging in any contracts during a transit of Mercury which makes me wonder how often there is a transit of Mercury.

Nonetheless, thanks for the pics. They really put the scale into focus.
BitterPill;bt3472 said:
which makes me wonder how often there is a transit of Mercury.

The next transit of Mercury will be in 2019, the year. But I do not know from what places it will be visible earth. The process goes on for several hours, and part of the Earth at this time is the night, as it was this time.

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