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The Ron Paul Channel


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Oct 25, 2011
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Is the truth worth $9.95 a month??? YES!

The Ron Paul Channel - Turn On The Truth

“Americans are tired of the games and the lies of today’s media. They want the truth. I have been astonished by the flood of interest in the channel from tens of thousands of people in just a matter of hours,” said Paul. “Imagine this: no censors, no barricades, no statists. We will be able to engage viewers directly on subjects that matter most to them; from finances to civil liberties to foreign policy.”
Someone is going to be rich form this nothing sells like insanity.
Uncle Freedom has his own channel? He should only accept subscriptions paid in gold!
It's going to be great!
And this is why noone takes Ron Paul seriously. "You NEED to hear the truth, all for $9.95 a month"
If I pay a subscription will I still be inundated with "buy survival seeds" and "buy gold" commercials?
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