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The RNC Healthy Eating Game! (1 Viewer)

Aunt Antifa

Aug 19, 2020
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It’s been 4 years since Donald Trump promised us American carnage - promise made, promise kept!

Instead of promoting unhealthy practices by creating a “Take a drink everytime someone says..” (we all know the correct answer is to just keep drinking and not stop until January of next year) I decided to help my new board friends with HEALTHY EATING GUIDE TO THE RNC THIS WEEK!

Take kale shot every time...

The word “socialism” is used (Jesus, our systems will be so flushed we’ll be pooping fresh flowers).

Eat a salad every time...Mike Pence says “At the direction of the president’ during his Gimp Submissive Acceptance Of His Role In Life speech.

Jog around your block whenever...Don Jr or Eric use the word “Hunter” in any context but murdering animals with high powered rifles because daddy told them they were losers their whole lives.

Do a single sit up at the sight of...Black speakers. I know, I know - the exercise portion of this week long healthcare plan will be *very* limited. :(

Eat a handful of blueberries with a little turmeric sprinkled on ‘em every time...Trump’s mouth collapses around a word his brain can’t get to start.

Laugh at...every word that comes out of Scott Baio’s mouth.

(Also, weed. Lots.)
The funniest part of this was when you said you had friends. :lamo

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