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The Rise and Fall of the Liberal Protest Movement


Over the last 40 or 50 years the Liberal movement in America has been more effective in bringing about needed change than any other movement in the history of the nation. They have a proud legacy of standing up and fighting for peoples rights and being the voice for victims of discrimination, whether it be for Black's, homosexuals, or women. Their persistence and refusal to shut up in the face adversity has truly changed the country for the better.

They were responsible for the integration of Black people into all facets of American society, for women no longer being discriminated against and harassed in the workplace, and for homosexuals no longer having to hide in the shadows and being able to live their lives openly and freely, without fear of being shunned and victimized by society. Thanks to their efforts, the words "You can't because your Black, a woman, or gay", have been virtually eliminated in our culture. Something that not very long ago, you'd have been hard pressed to find many who would have believed that would ever become the norm in American society... But here we are.

Throughout the years of their struggles, Liberal causes managed to prevail even though they were very strongly outnumbered. Think back to the civil rights protests and even though public opinion was not on their side, they far outnumbered the opposition at public protests. Liberals were the ones who were mostly peaceful, while the opposition often resorted to violence. The reason for the greater numbers and their success boiled down to one key element that no amount of opposition could overcome... It came down to a battle between "right and wrong", and the peaceful liberal protesters are the ones who had "right" on their side. Don't forget also, that "wrong" never draws the number of supporters that "right" does. Put another way, it was "victims" versus "victimizers" which in my opinion, gave the liberal protesters the moral upper hand that in a country like ours, was destine to prevail.

Fast forward to today and you find that those same fundamental principles still apply and are the key to whether an agenda succeeds or fails. The only difference in recent years, is that it's no longer the Liberal movement that's peaceful, has the greater numbers, or the moral upper hand, it's the conservative movement. Somewhere along the line Liberals became the victimizers, the oppressors, and the ones who resort to violence. They took what was a successful and righteous agenda, and transformed it into a movement that no longer has "right" on it's side. They went from fighting for equal justice for all, like Martin Luther King did during the civil rights movement (a core principal in America), to fighting for social justice (something that Obama embraces), which has nothing to do with equality, and the majority of Americans are rejecting it.

The sad thing about it is, most Liberals don't even realize what's happened and can't figure out why their efforts now fail. The reason is really quite simple. They don't understand that there's a big difference between "equal justice" and "social justice", as the latest episode concerning Chik-Fil-A proves.

Years ago Liberals fought for gay rights (aka equal justice), a righteous endeavor that was very successful. But as they have done with most of their causes, they took the gay rights agenda a step too far. They went from fighting for equal justice for homosexuals by calling for an end to their oppression and demanding they be treated fairly and with respect, to fighting for social justice for homosexuals by demanding the redefinition of marriage, and that everyone agree with their lifestyle or risk being discriminated against and oppressed themselves. They have gone from having "right" on their side and fighting for victims, to becoming victimizers who no longer hold the moral high ground.

When elected government officials in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco threatened to discriminate against, and in effect oppress the CEO of Chik-Fil-A because he voiced his opposition to gay marriage, the left surrendered the moral high ground and became just as bad as the people they once fought against. That CEO has every right to oppose the redefinition of marriage, that's part of being an American. He hasn't discriminated against homosexuals, tried to prevent them from engaging in their preferred lifestyle, or advocated for laws that make being homosexual behavior illegal. He wasn't trying to prevent homosexuals from becoming legal partners, just trying to preserve the integrity of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Equal justice means that gay partners should be just as accepted as heterosexual partners, and have the same legal rights. That hurts no one. Social justice in essence calls for reverse discrimination. It dictates that you not only treat homosexuals equally, but you can no longer publicly disagree with their lifestyle without fear of retribution. While at the same time, it's perfectly fine for homosexuals to publicly attack anyone they want to with impunity. It also gives them the right to demands things that discriminate or hurt others unnecessarily, which is precisely what demanding that homosexual partnerships be defined as a "marriage" does. Demanding the redefinition of the word "marriage" has nothing to do with equal rights or equal treatment, it's all about revenge or retribution.

Equal justice is the fight to eliminate hate and discrimination, making it socially unacceptable from anyone. With equal justice, a person doesn't have to like or agree with their opponent, just respect their rights... While social justice is eliminating the hate and discrimination from one side and passing to the other side, demanding that society accept it. It requires that one side show respect, while not requiring the same from the other.

The people who showed up for "Appreciation Day", just as the people who showed up for tax day in 2009 and 2010, showed up in D.C. for both Beck rallies, showed up at town halls in 2010, have joined in the many hundreds of Tea Party rallies nationwide, and have been so successful in elections such as Wisconsin and the senate in Massachusetts, are winning the battle because they now possess that one key element that liberals long ago abandoned... And no matter how many times the left attacks and calls the opposition racists, bigots, homophobes or anything else, as long as conservatives have "right" on their side, and liberals continue pushing for social justice rather than equal justice, their protest movements will continue to fail, just as they have for the last 4 years.



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Sep 2, 2012
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WOW! I read this blog much earlier today but had to consider the contents so was delayed with a my comments. There are several areas that I actually agree with you. Such as the differnces between equal and social justice. However, these are the areas I don't agree. When you speak about the liberals losing their way and their moral high ground I just can't agree. While I am sure there are some that fit this discription there are still those that are democrats/liberals that still believe in the greater good. I actually listen to both parties. I make my mind up on who to vote for by what I hear them saying.I am very liberal on most issues, conservative on a few, not sure on some ideas also. Having said that, I just can't relate to the republican party at all. I don't think they have a very good platform for women's health or women in general. I think they are for the rich, and the middle class is not part of their agendas. I think congress (republicans) have acted liked spoiled children that have forgotten why they were sent there. Not for themselves but for the people. I am ashamed of them and there are also some Democrats that are not there for the right reasons either. And has for the higher moral ground..who knew anyone thought that liberals ever held the higher moral ground? I thought we were all ignorant, immoral human beings. I do believe in the greater good, so I have no choice but to vote for President Obama again.:peace
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