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The Real-Time Cost of Illegal Immigrants (1 Viewer)

I can't verify the accuracy of any of the numbers either, but View - Page Source shows you that the website is not actually pulling data from anywhere. It's just using a point in time and an automatic mathematical function that adds $X per second to the appropriate counters. From a programming perspective, everything here is entirely arbitrary. Yet they use the label "live numbers." Hmmm.

// illegal aliens in country
// illegal aliens 20291665 starting point
var baseImmigNum = 20291665
// illegal aliens per second assumed .02.
var immigPerSecond = .02
var immigSinceBase = immigPerSecond * secsSinceBase
var immigNow = baseImmigNum + immigSinceBase
document.counterForm.counter1.value = formatNumString(immigNow)

Edit: Ok, I'll stop pretending.

This website is full of ****.
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