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The Progressive Voice EXPOSED (1 Viewer)

The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel is run by far left wing socialist Sahil Habibi, who aligns himself with The Young Turks and their affiliates. Always quick to defend them and boost their popularity while selectively editing clips to bash anyone who disagrees. Sahil Habibi is a liar, he has been exposed by many in the past, and I'll expose him ten times to see if it sticks. I took ten videos uploaded to The Progressive Voice Youtube Channel, a debunked them all one after another. Sahil Habibi, owner of the Progressive Voice Youtube Channel, who is paying you? How are you able to release 4 videos a day like this? Four videos a day of pure lies and absolute drivel! You call yourself an objective news reporter - you haven't been objective in a single video on your entire channel! The Progressive Voice is an absolute farce! A disgrace to the name of progressives, everywhere! By the way, that thing you did by editing those Shapiro clips to misrepresent and attack him, legally constitutes defamation.


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