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The Problem With "Good" and "Bad" People

The problem with good and bad people is that there are no good and bad people. You are taught that they exist side by side and that if you could just manage to separate or just get rid of those bad ones, everything will be good. That is flawed thinking. Because every person is good and bad, together. You can never erase the bad unless you erase everyone. If you designate one people bad and manage to wipe them from the face of the earth, are you left with good people from then on? No. More likely those “good” people who see the opportunity to advance and take advantage of the situation will become bad people. I think the overwhelming goodness of such an ideal world would create an overwhelming temptation to abuse that goodness which would bring out the bad in people in an, ironically, world too good to defend against- resulting in widespread catastrophe from the simplest wrongs.

Always stay grounded in mind and heart and never fall for dreams. If someone offers you paradise…such a person is the Devil.


If you drag in the Devil then there must be a God. God offered us paradise so is God and Devil the same?
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