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The primitive evolutionary causes of religion


Jun 9, 2005
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Religion is about tribalism. Man & pre homo sapiens hominids were/are a tribalistic pack animal. This instinct evolved since we hunted & scavenged for food in groups & the species benefitted from a social existence. Of course this is a double edged sword becuase tribal communities competing with each other for land & food would then find themselves at war with each other.
As the hominid frontal lobe evolved to be larger things got more complex & all sorts of fantasy, beliefs & religious imagery became involved as a binding force within the tribe & as a way to overcome the newly aquired anxiety about & self awareness of one's own mortality.
Speaking of modern times... the last 2000 years...there are tribes based on good as in Christianity, Islam, etc & there are tribes based on evil.. Nazism etc.
There bad apples in Christianity & Islam who get the whole thing a bad name whereas Nazism thrived on bad apples.
The idea of separate religious communities is divisive. I agree with John Lennon's song 'Imagine. Best if we all 'live as one' & cut out the tribalistic nonsense.
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Well said!

Will it happen anytime soon? Nope!
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