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The Nobel Committee would be making a mistake by giving Trump the Peace Prize

This is not to discredit the U.S. interests in enhancing diplomatic ties between the Korea's, but for people to say its time to nominate Donald Trump for the prize? Seriously? It hasn't been more than a week since North and South Korea met for their summit and Republican's in the House are already nominating him for the prize. It's mind boggling. But I have a theory behind this. The GOP controlled Congress realizes Trump has no major accomplishments, but having won a peace prize, it would at least give him something to brag about (other than touching people inappropriately - yes campaign reference there), and giving an opportunity for the GOP to say their method on diplomacy is working. Only problem is, it's not...

Looking back at the facts, it was Mr. Trump who stirred the pot by using second grade banter toward Kim Jong Un; calling him "little rocket man," and that the US would use "fire and fury" against them which almost caused a nuclear disaster in Guam. But its not just Trump who caused turmoil... Mike Pence snubbed the sister of Kim at the Olympics in Peongchang, South Korea, just as the South Korean president Moon Jae-in shook her hand, smiling, and had a meeting with her and top officials during the Olympics.

Point being, the only person worthy of the Nobel is certainly Moon Jae-in of South Korea. His determined goal to heal wounds between the two countries has certainly paid off while Donald Trump wants to take the credit. Sorry Mr. President, I'm not buying it. If the US had any say in the matter, I think the US State Department diplomats deserve the credit for their efforts in promoting unity.
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