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The Net

I think what I see what is happening in general terms, but my resolution is unclear still. What I see is America swimming in troubled waters but it doesn't know it because they are to deep below the surface. They do not have the perspective yet, or they do but they do not know the nature. What I see are millions of fish who realize that a net has been dropped around them. But the net is still loose. That is a good thing, right? But more and more fish are coming into this loose net. And though it makes them a bit anxious they feel..."Well, it's there but it's not too bad. I can still move about if I don't go to far and it's far better than anything else."

The bad part is that you are hoping against the inevitable. One day that net will snap shut and the maneuverability you had will vanish. The lines are pulled, the net contracts, and you are ripped from the waters you once knew into an environment as alien to you as it is hostile.

This is just in general terms and by no means a perfect analogy. The net, in it's most applicable sense, is debt, but it's really a patchwork of many things creeping up on us...rather, already around us. When it closes it will create such a panic that people will resort to anything. And then all things as we know it will begin to descend into something much, much more...uncomfortable.

I would like to believe there is a way out, and there is, but I do not believe we will take it. Because I think the fish have adopted a pattern of debate against the issue, around the issue, but not about the issue. I think a mixture of fear, uncertainty, and a feeling of powerlessness or just an unwillingness to be among the first to put themselves out there is the reason why these things are happening in plain sight. Because the trouble is not subtle. It is apparent. But the fish dive deeper, wishing to avoid it. But the net is all around. Soon it will snap shut, and the problems that we, as a society, have been putting off for so long will close in on us like air in a vacuum- crashing, smashing us to bits.

And finally, in that depravity, the ego bubble and the dillusion bubble will be the last to pop. Because those are the biggest ones we have and the ones that allow the others to persist.
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