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The miniature of the North Korean society

Cheongjin, the port city located in the northeastern region of Hamgyeongbuk-do.
Considered as the second largest city in North Korea, Cheong Jin has adopted foreign culture at a faster rate than Pyeongyang. Accordingly, we may think it may be convenient to live there; however, recent news indicates that the region has become a haven for criminals and prostitutes.
'Ggotjaebee'(Children and Infants wandering around for food and money), Criminals.. and prostitution
With people gathering from all over the nation, for the second largest train station and port is located in Cheongjin, rates of crimes are frequent, and victims usually become 'ggotjaebee' or become criminals themselves, with this downward spiral continuing. Also, young women in the local are apparently choosing to become prostitutes so as to make a living for themselves.
This is only what is being observed from outside the hidden society, how worse would it actually be?
Notorious for being the hideout of criminals and prostitutes, the second most important city of North Korea, Cheongjin, could well be called as the miniature of the North Korean society destructed due to the third on-going dictatorship.
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