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The Middle East Tragedy

You may think that our soldiers are fighting a war merely against an entire civilization of ignorant, fight-obsessed, vengeful, Islamopath's but that, of course, is because that's the most common thing you have heard and saw around you. I am aware of the things the other side has done...and aware of what has been said they have done. There is a difference. But the focus is not on simply dumping more hate and fuel on that argument to send more people charging off into the desert. Because whatever these dictators and tyrants may be they were all financed, supported, and defended by a nation and/or government that has done everything one can charge them with in far more many countries than they could have ever did so. From their side, the entirety of America and is moral righteousness is viewed as the deepest hypocrisy and thus looked on with lasting contempt. Example: we invade a country based on the accusation that they have or are making weapons of mass destruction with the intent to use them. We invade and pound that country with weapons of mass destruction we have always had and always used- normal, biological, and radiological. Hy...po...cri...sy.

Still. Aside from the wholesale destruction of lands all over Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and the like killing far more civilians there than soldiers who were already routed and basically hiding and dodging...besides the 350 million rounds of depleted uranium that was fired from a variety of armaments, turning parts of the middle east into no-mans land and contributing not only to their pain but ours in the form of the invisible soldiers with unheard voices who never get to share their jubilant view of fighting a war that leaves them permanently incapacitated psychologically and physically incapacitated soldiers...despite the intense cultural and educational subjugation of the people in that land that would make our own version of apartheid or any version pale in comparison...despite the fact that for a considerable number of citizenry in areas of the middle east effected by these wars when new child is born it does not ask the question whether it's a by or girl but whether it is normal...despite the economic hijacking of the nation by our own and scores of other foreign markets that literally dismembered local markets just so they could instill their own...yeah, i guess I could be wrong.

But you are missing points they are not showing you. Our soldiers are as much victims as we are. Instead of looking for new ways to hate an enemy look at the medial and psychological effects of soldiers returning from both Gulf Wars. Look at the effects from the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Many of these effects are not from enemy munitions but our own. Not from enemy biological agents but our own. From the immunization shot to hazardous rounds- agent orange and depleted uranium. What you see is an escalating policy of utter brutality- he same kind our country claims to be fighting other tyrants in the interests of foreign peoples. If all these peoples could speak, you know what I think they would say? [opinion] When they are done with us, they will turn on you.[opinion] And when I say you, I mean the American people. Not that it hasn't already begun. But seriously, people have been banded into this patriotic gaggle and they don't realize that to the people who run it, they are only as good as weapons and cattle. A weapon is greased and cared for to be effectively used. When it's use passes, it is discarded. Cattle are raised for the profit they create in he form of skins, food, and material. Like the horse, when they are beyond usefulness, they are discarded.

You believe that you are being held up in the world as a standard and a great people. But instead they have used this to fuel our ego's and to send us to do deplorable, devastating work. Right now we enjoy because it is through America's huge citizen base and military power that they are able to carry out their designs. But when it is clear we are no longer needed for that purpose, we will join all those we have abused. We'll rage and demand what happened to our rights, what happened to our country, what happened t our freedoms. And people on the outside will look in wonder, shaking their heads because to them, they saw it disappearing for a while and they saw others trampled underfoot by this freedom loving people and it's society. We have benefited and still do benefit from the injustice and brutality currently perpetrated throughout parts of the undeveloped world...and we have done nothing. Very little that requires a serious commitment or sacrifice.

When that time comes, don't bother screaming rage and indignities, or for help or compassion from the rest of the world. Your voice will only add to that stir of echoes, moans, cries, and pleas that has leapt from the mouths of countless peoples for millenia. Do unto others...
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