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The Michael Hasting "Assassination":

In the alternate reality of the internet, Michael Hastings’ death may become the next JFK conspiracy theory. Immediately after the death of reporter Michael Hastings the conspiracy theorists thought it was fishy. Preliminary reports say that Michael Hastings died after his car crashed into a tree. While Wikileaks likes to boast that Hastings contacted their lawyer hours before his death this in no way indicates that Hastings was assassinated.

Like clockwork videos appeared on YouTube stating that Mercedes C250 which is the car Hastings was driving cannot catch fire. Though this may sound good to people who don’t know about cars, or people who don’t know how do use google. With a quick Google search you will find that there are over 300,000 car fires each year. Just because someone on the internet has never seen a car fire, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

The videos on YouTube and infowars goes on to report false information about the Hastings case. They say that the body was too badly burned to identify. This is wrong, the body was identified as Hastings using his fingerprints by the LA Coroner! Though the scary wikileaks tweet seems to say that the FBI was investigating Hastings, the FBI has since denied these reports.

While we still do not know how Hasting died, why his car caught on fire, or if he had some type of medical condition, it’s best to wait the six weeks it takes to investigate this crash instead of jumping to stories about conspiracy theories!



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Mar 20, 2011
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I think car fires are unusual, especially with a Mercedes. He was a reputable investigator and his recent emails indicated an FBI presence and I would trust that as, even as a rumor, before I'd believe the FBI. In 6 weeks, no one will give a damn, so let's check now while any trail is hot and before it goes cold. I would prefer more info about the accident. Striking a tree doesn't usually start a fire. How fast was he going? Any turns? Slid off road? Steering failure? Did the car hit the tree backward, rupturing the fuel tank? Ad infinitum.
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