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The King of Pork


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Nov 14, 2004
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Pacific Northwest US
I've been following up on a few spending measures lately. Mainly interested in so called pork spending. One name in my research kept coming back to the top of the heap, it's a pretty big heap I might add. Senator Robert C. Byrd (Dem) West Virgina. From what I can tell this guy never met a tax dollar he didn't want to spend. And spend he does. On some pretty petty things too it seems. He's even managed to use tax payer monies to erect a statue of himself and place it in the West Virgina State Capitol. At a cost of nearly million dollars, nice. And the kicker (really it gets better)? Turns out the statue violates a state law forbidding the erection of statues of government officials until they have been dead for half a century. So he's not only violating the law, he's using tax payers money to do it. What a guy. The group "Citizens Against Government Waste" has an entire page dedicated to Mr. Byrd. They call it "Bryd Droppings" and refer to him as the "King of Pork." You can find it here:


Anyone know of any other Pork spending? I'd be interested in hearing about. it.
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