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The Johnny Cash Movie: "Walk the Line"


Sep 23, 2005
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My girlfriend and myself watched this movie last night. I thought it was a decent flick. Showed how Johnny Cash came from poverty and rose to stardom. It also shows where stardom started to kill him. All the temptation that was thrown at him with all the beautiful women. All the money he had and how, like most stars, stardom started to kill him. The pills that he took. Stardom killed Elvis, almost killed Johnny Cash if it wasn't for his family and June, almost killed Hank Williams Jr. Stardom itself is a killer. But I would recommend people to watch this film without me going too much into details and spoiling it for others.
I'd like to go see it, but the hubby doesn't like to go to theaters too often, so I might have to wait to see it until it comes out on DVD....:(
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