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The Inquisitor (1 Viewer)

Post #2,663 is the beginning of my new stance. A new worldview, per se. It will not be an abandonment of my true views; they will now be kept silent and be forgotten in time.

I desire knowledge, increased intelligence, wisdom, and experience. I want to know why people believe what they believe.

My ideology is slowly being pieced together as this:

1. We CANNOT absolutely prove our beliefs. We cannot prove morality, feelings, etc. We grasp at beliefs vainly because we feel we must believe.

2. This ideology picks apart anyone with beliefs. I will take them to the "Great Unknown."

3. Intellect and reason are the ultimate principles of reality. There can be no evil or good. Feelings mean nothing. Morality doesn't exist. Justice does not exist. Emotion is drivel.

4. I inquire of the "Intellectual" and the "Ideologue."

As time passes, additions to this ideology will be added.

Undoubtedly, the fool will mock me for this; the dislike those who care to better themselves.

I do not know what to name this ideological stance. Is is factual absolutism? The preference of reason over emotion and morality? Or do I also question those who think themselves logical? That is true, I think.

Abandon your beliefs, your emotions, your morals, your opinions.

All of this is meant to sharpen my critical-thinking skills.

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