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The Four Horsemen of the Republican Apocalypse


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The Four Horsemen of the Republican Apocalypse - Bloomberg View

I know, I know, I criticize people for passing along editorials and op-eds, and here I am doing the same thing. So sue me. I saw the headline, it piqued my interest, read it and it was amusing and made some fair to my mind points. So I am passing it along for others to enjoy as much as possible in these end of days. Excerpt:

<Horseman #3>Chris Christie. He should never have stayed in the race as long as he did. I think he was a pretty good governor of New Jersey, and at one point, I thought he was a plausible presidential candidate. But by well before New Hampshire, it was clear that the rest of the electorate did not agree, and it was time to drop out.
But as mentioned above, I do understand that it can be hard to see these things with perfect clarity when it’s your candidacy, your dreams on the line. So now we must address Christie’s somewhat odd decision, when the hopelessness of his cause became clear even to him, to use the remainder of his candidacy to help destroy Rubio, the aforementioned only candidate who could plausibly unite enough of the party’s disparate factions to stop Trump. That decision started looking less crazy when Christie dropped out and actually endorsed Trump. Only now we have to deal with the fact that a sitting governor burned immense political capital and tanked his own approval rating in order to endorse a man whose policy knowledge was oftentimes negative (consisting of more wrong "facts" than right ones) and who was prone to pro political moves like making fun of POWs and the handicapped.
Getting Christie’s endorsement helped Trump enormously at a time when he needed it. But it hurt the rest of the party, including Christie. In the annals of politics, this may go down as one of the strangest decisions of all time.

I never really will understand Christie and this cycle. He was the anti-Trump. He was a political insider who knew his ****. You could disagree with him, but it would be incredibly hard to call him anything other than exceptionally smart. Until the primaries started that is. Then he did Trump's work for him in disposing of Rubio, dropped out and jumped on the Trump bandwagon despite Trump being ideologically and intellectually Christie's polar opposite. Maybe Christie was swayed by Trump having the same temper as him?

But anyway, enjoy the article, take it for what it is worth, and hopefully get a couple chuckles from it.

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Feb 20, 2012
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That's actually a great article.

He’s a celebrity candidate, and celebrity candidates break election models. Jesse Ventura in Minnesota, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California: these people bring out folks who don’t normally vote

Yup. And except for Arnold, it never really works out well.

I have nothing against Bush as a man or a governor. But his decision to run for president in this cycle has to rank as one of the stupidest political bids of all time, simply because his last name is toxic. His brother left office after an unpopular war and an even more unpopular economic crisis, with an approval rating of 35 percent. Why on earth would anyone think that he had any chance at the nomination? Even if his brother’s presidency had ended better, it would have been folly, simply because voters don’t like the idea that they only get to have Republican presidents named Bush.

No more needs to be said.

to use the remainder of his candidacy to help destroy Rubio, the aforementioned only candidate who could plausibly unite enough of the party’s disparate factions to stop Trump

Yup, that's been my rub on Christie and the reason why I wouldn't endorse him for dog catcher.
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