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The Disaffirmation of Black Law Students


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May 19, 2004
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Source: Ashbrook Center

Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave-turned-abolitionist orator, found an irony bordering on tragedy in government dealings with blacks. When blacks were dealt with as blacks, as opposed to individual citizens, they ended up being hurt rather than helped by the government. This assessment finds support in a forthcoming Stanford Law Review article about affirmative action and black law students. UCLA law professor Richard H. Sander contends that there would be more successful black lawyers, in terms of numbers succeeding at law school and those passing the bar, if affirmative action was eliminated.
We surmise that affirmative action stays in place not so much to help "underrepresented minorities" but to provide cover for schools against charges of discrimination.[font=arial, HELVETICA]

Good editoral. What do you think of affirmative action?

There are a lot of black Americans who think that affirmative action has outlived its usefulness..........They want to be judged by their qualifications, not the color of their skin............
Bustabush said:
I think it spits in the face of men like Matirn Luther King Jr.
How so? How could this possibly denigrate MLK jr. more that his own actions have?
yeah affirmitive action isn't even helping some minorities now. Asians actually have it worse than white Americans when it comes to college admissions in top colleges like MIT, Berkley, Harvard, Caltech, etc.
Affirmative Action really means affirmative anti-caucasian discrimination.
Well, caucasians ARE minorities, amd male caucasians are DOUBLE MINORITIES
I think the continual appliance of affirmative action is ridiculous. It has been my personal experiance that white students who are more qualified academically for admission to a college or university have been rejected because the college or university had to make its racial quota. It's absurd. I had to wait an entire year to get into OSU because of the affirmative action program even though the letter I recieved stated that I was an extremely accomplished student but that the affirmative action program required them to admit another student instead. It's sad that all a 4.0 GPA gets you these days is a seat on the back burner just because someone from another race "must" be admitted.
Next thing you know, homosexuals will try to claim minority status and sue for "affirmative action" for schools and businesses to hire a certain amount of people based upon their particular type of sexual perversion.

Homosexuals are already trying to rip off the non-cacuasian civil rights movement tactics by calling themselves "minorities" and taking two groups that engage in "i'm more opressed than you" competitions by claiming" i am can no more choose to be gay then someoen chooses to be black or jewish" ignroign the obviois that jewish is a religion, not a race, and the term "secular jew" is an oxymoron analogous to "secular christian"

Right Napoleon?
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