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The crisis in Syria

The Syrian Government is comminting war atrocities beyond measure, they have decided to crack down on a peacful reformation, by using live ammunition on their own civilians, which in turn is killing men, women, and children. What has the Government of Syria said about this movement? How has conflict between the Government and "terrorist" risen? What are some nations doing?

The Syrian Government has said, "Terrorist are behind this movement." To say "terrorist" is behind this movement is ludicrous. At first the movement for reform was peacful, but the Syrian Government obviously thought terrorist was behind this, so they decided to open up with live ammunition on women and children. They think they can get away with crimes against humanity, by simply saying, "terrorist are behind this."

Violence has risen over the past couple of months since the movement began. Snipers have taken a liking into shooting defenseless women and children, but these are terrorist, right? No, terrorist aiming demoralizating the government by terror, usually by violence. The people of Syria simply took to the streets, without weapons, and demanded a reform, they wanted a Government that was not corrupted. Who are the true villians? The Syrians who steped up to defend themselves and their children from a/an opressive government, that likes to use them as target practicing or the Govenment of Syria, the one that tells their snipers to aim for women and children intentionally.

Why this is going on in Syria, what have some nations done? Nothing. The world has decided to turn a blind to these heinous crimes. How many deaths of innocent women and children would it take for countries like the United Statesor the United Kingdom to intervene in this genocide.

The Syrian govewrnment, thinks they are safe to keep deliberately attacking their own civilians, they think by calling them terroristn nobody would care. Is it right to shoot little children intentionally with a sniper? No! Then why are the heads of the govenrments from around the world seating on their asses and not doing anything to stop theses crimes against humanity.
Just left a blog on somthing similar, but that is happening in our country. Look for it. Our government is terroizing us. Why dont you read up on some information on things about how we have no constitutional rights in the US anymore??? I's extremely serious, but I seem to be the only one in the country that discusses and researches it??? Even a civil court judge, recently told me justice is not prevelent in court anymore. it is all only a money making machine. A JUDGE told me this!!!! Also read about police brutality and UAV usage in the US. Compare aamericas educational status compared to other countries-wonder why we are worse off than most other countries. I'll be looking forward to hearing your opinion after youve looked around on some of these items.
I feel there is not one single person in america that is aware of any of these items. Nobody wants to see the reality of things, thats all I can figure. I like to know the facts and am fine with seeing the frightening truth. Its seems quite common sense to me to see through the lies and BS tossed to us from our unbelievably corrupt government. Anyway, hopefully someone will have some comments for me on this issue. I just really want to make people aware.
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