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Thanks Promotion to Adviser


Jan 14, 2005
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Hi Vauge & friends thank you for the promotion to Adviser I don't know how I earned such praise I'm not sure if it.

My thinking out side the box ,

Or my off the wall idea's & writing.......But thanks A bunch ......Does this mean I get A raise ........If so how much ......
I know you want me to go stand on A box

Did you get the ECARD I sent ?

Thank'A-Thank"A Thank"A
Well you deserve it!

The titles are actually based on post count.

User 0-24 posts

Student 25-124 posts

Advisor 125-499 posts

Educator 500-999 posts

Professor 1000-1999 posts

Guru 2000+ posts

After 500 posts, one donates (see pay pal link above) or one is a moderator, a unique title is available and one can create thier own.
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