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talking with women

Been there, done that!!!

A few years back I was traveling with a female friend. The return flight had been excruciatingly long and troublesome in part because we had to meet some other folks along the way and were all returning as a group. When we finally got home one of the party went to get the SUV from parking. I stood there looking at the pile of luggage (which had expanded by a few bags since our original departure) and expressed some concern about whether it and the passengers would even fit. One of the other started freaking out and insisting on calling cabs and/or making multiple trips to get everything and everyone back. When the SUV showed up I just started loading stuff as the others stood there hollering at one another. At one point I noticed that a car behind our gaggle was trying to pull out. I asked my friend to move and got a glare. I asked again and was told to shut up......

....I looked the other driver in the eye and nodded so he just laid on the horn as I put the last of the bags in the car. It was a VERY quiet ride home.
Heya PW :2wave: .....I thought it was put together pretty good. ;)

Its like in todays world people really don't want to be given a Solution. They just want to complain, get it all out of their system and whatnot. Although, I wouldn't just put it on when communicating with women. :)
"There is a nail in your ****ing head"

"Who cares"

Yup, sounds about right...

God forbid if a mans nails are too long or dirty after work...blah blah blah...
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