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Taiwan and the World Health Assembly


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Apr 24, 2005
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Taiwan is once again making an effort to join the World Health Assembly (governing body of the World Health Organization). China has constantly opposed this in the past under the notion that since Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, it is not eligible. Were Taiwan applying to become a full member, this would be true, but Taiwan is applying to be an Associate Member, something that is permitted by the constitution of that organization. This would be the same status accorded to the Vatican, the Palestinian Authority, the Knights of Malta, and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Japan and the United States have supported this in the past, and are expected to do so again. Some unexpected rumblings of support have come from the European Union, but their final stance on the issue is still unknown at this time.

To leave the 23 million people of the democratic island nation of Taiwan outside of the WHO framework is a crime against the people of Taiwan. SARS is an example of how a disease that started in China can find its way to Taiwan, and then Chinese obstruction of WHO assistance made a problem that was managable into a health scare because the latest research on prevention of spead of the virus was not provided to Taiwan in a timely manner. An ongoing problem regarding salmonella poisoning in French-produce baby formula, which is believed to have caused the deaths of at least two Taiwanese infants, could have been prevented had Taiwanese authorities been notified about the problem by the WHO. As it was, it took nearly four weeks for Taiwanese authorities to be notified, and despite intitial reports to the contrary, some of this contaminated forumla DID reach Taiwanese shelves.

The free people of the world should rise up and express their support for the people of Taiwan to join the WHO and to no longer exclude Taiwan from the global health mainstream. The health apartheid imposed on Taiwan by China and their allies is inhumane and a crime against the people of this peace loving country.
Go ahead and let Taiwan join. You know China hates them, and will do all they can to crush them.
China has certainly shown their true, barbaric colors this week. On Wednesday, as a delegation from the Gambia was about to speak at the World Health Assembly, the Chinese delegation began pounding on their desks as the Gambia was about to come out in support of a clause to be added to the charter which would include Taiwan within the framework of disease prevention and cooperation, even though Taiwan is not a member of the WHA. The scene was described as barbaric, the manner in which they banged their fists on their tables as you would expect a third grader to after the teacher took his favorite video game away or something.

On Monday, Palau was to speak in favor of the admission of Taiwan to the WHA before China once again blocked the speech through a parlimentary claim that was of dubious legality.

What China doesn't want to be known is that there are several countries around the world who see what the "Health Apartheid" that has been forced on Taiwan for what it really is. A crime against humanity; preventing the 23 million people of the country of Taiwan from being a part of a global network designed to improve health around the world and to prevent the outbreak of dangerous and deadly diseases, many of which ironically originate in China.
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