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Sweden for Dummies: How Capitalism is responsible for its growth and recovery

One of the many Socialist states I've lived in. Spent between 80 to 90-months there.

Andreas Bergh nails the history of Sweden from a poor nation to the 4th wealthiest, and then its demise. It wasn't socialism that grew Sweden to its heights, but Capitalism. The late 60's socialist poison sent it backwards. They've been spending the last 15+ years trying to undo the damage done.

Andreas Bergh: "Sweden does not prove that socialized health care works, I would say rather the opposite. The health care part of the Swedish public sector is where many of the problems are..."

Andreas Bergh: Should America be more like Sweden, I think is a strange question to ask because it cannot be more like Sweden. You could increase taxes up to Swedish levels, but you would spend (waste) them on American public sector and I would not advise that."

Sweden is an oversized village of 9 million. The Lesson to my Lib friends? Decentralize and return authority to the states and their communities.

Andreas Bergh: The 25-year period when the policy was completely lunatic, mad gone berserk is the period that has shaped the reputation of Sweden.

Pssst. Schools? They have choice and competition.




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Dec 19, 2008
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