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Summarizing the Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

What came out is:

1. Ford lied about her flying story.

2. She has zero corroborating witnesses.

3. She does not know how she got there or how she got home.

4. Her best friend denied the story. Does not know Kavanaugh.

5. She did not tell anyone about her story until more than 3-decades later.

She has no witnesses, and no corroboraters. Zero. None.
She lied about her flying bugaboo.

6. Kavanaugh has a long history of great friendship and professional relationships with women. The came out unsolicited... immediately upon hearing the smear.

7. This is the kicker, he kept a detailed Calendar. Lucky for him. It’s like Lewinsky’s Blue Dress in reverse.

Kavanaugh provided evidence he was not at the party in question. How busy the kid was. It also lists party participants when there was one.

Ms. Ford’s story does not hold up. She was used and abused by Democrats.
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