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Strzok is THIRD High Profile FBI Firing Under Trump

There have been 3 high profile firings of FBI agents under the Trump administration so far. First was James Comey, author of the book "A Higher Loyalty" and Democrat sycophant hoping to be remembered as a hero in spite of his checkered past. Second was the deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who leaked to the press for personal gain and ended up fired. Third, was the infamous Peter Strzok who cheated on his wife with attorney Lisa Page while bragging about his intentions of undermining the Trump Administration from within.

Safe to say we need to drain the swamp, and so far have been making great progress in doing so. The firing of James Comey allowed for Christopher Wray to be put into power, where he appointed David Bowdich as his deputy after Andrew McCabe was sacked. And from there, Bowdich was able to overturn the decision by Candace Will to allow Strzok to continue working within the FBI. Why would Candace Will make such a decision? She's a Mueller appointee.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Candace Will - so many names that will go down in history as part of our shameful past, a time before Trump when federal agencies were heavily politicized under Obama. Thank God these people have been singled out, and thank God the FBI is back on the right track; or at least, I hope it is...

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