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Still Can't Believe You're Gone

Dad, my sadness knows no end;
I can’t believe you’re gone;
I'm still grieving for you every day;
It’s hard to carry on.

You were always there to support and care,
When I needed a true friend,
How I'll ever do without my dad,
I cannot comprehend.

You were my teacher and my guide,
My dad, so good and strong;
Your example will sustain me now,
And last my whole life long.

I'm trying to communicate;
I hope that you can hear;
Expressing what I feel for you,
Helps me feel you’re near.

My memories of the times we had
Help the pain to go away.
But Dad, my life isn't the same;

I still miss you every day.
A part of me went with you;
You left a gap too big to fill;
You’re my father and my hero;
I love you and I always will.

By Joanna Fuchs

In loving memory of my Dad
January 17, 1942 ~ August 21, 2004

"And the glory of children are their Fathers"
Proverbs 17:6
Thanks for sharing this.
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