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Stewart/Colbert Rally-Goers: Obama Is Not a Keynesian, He’s an American!


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Apr 25, 2009
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Riverside, County, CA.
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Does Obama=Keyensian?

Before you answer you might want to look it up. This was I am sure a bit of editing mixed with some people who think they were clever but are typical of the I can't think for myself bunch.

I'm not going to explain what it means for Obama to =Keynesian look it up for yourself, then stop bragging about the turn out og retards to the dumb-ass rally.

They need support but from the mental health community mostly.

The whole rally from the little bit I saw of it was really amateurish at best, like something a Jr. High School would put on.

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A while back, I saw a comedy on TV where random people on the street were interviewed, asked whether they are "heterosexual". Some angrily denied that, especially older guys with their wives. :D
Step 1. Go out into a crowd and interview a lot of people asking simple questions.

Step 2: Edit the video to show only the stupid responses.

Step 3: Post it on an internet forum and make generalizations about the people it supposedly represents.

Man, Americans are so stupid.
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