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Steps To Love (1 Viewer)

Love’s doing us with its causes,
captures us with its forces.
And ends with the gains and loses
of us -whole, broken, felt or forsaken.

The journey starts as steps.
In motions that inspire the dreamy
optimism of notions readied with
blissful emotions . Feeding the
need to walk this path full of
mystery and curiosity.

Steps as quick when we first meet.
Slowing strides , often before retreat.
Quickening gates of measure to the
fleeting rejection of forever. Thus as
the meter stands on cue we feel the
tempo unchanged. When best the
tune is played by two.

Letting the heart take hold whence
the winds of romance no longer blow.
Numb, with quiet and longing
yet unsettled with the familiar of
needing . Inner voices softly
pleading , you must reckon their
heeding. While your mind counters
With : Leaving!

Rational steps form courses ,
since mentioned. Now lead to
tortures, when love is no longer
the reason. Performing careful
deliberations casting purposeful
illusions only feeds the delusions.

The journey ends with steps of
causes . Forlorn reaches we
ponder as loses. Old gains, viewed as
follies. Spent, lost and wasted .
Reckoning replaces the last
stages, of what once, so splendid
In its graces, moved us to near
heavenly places.

Until , rested we begin again
to search for those steps leading to:
“Love doing us with its causes”,
while it Captures us with its forces.
And starts again giving us life’s
breathless pauses.

Thanks its true, lol. I wrote it listening to this:
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