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SpellCheck and Post ranking have been added

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SpellCheck System
A SpellCheck system has been added for us folks that can't spell or would like that extra validation before posting. Click on the SpellCheck button under the posting area to get the pop up. It is very easy to use.

Post Ranking system
The post ranking system has been added.

What does it do?
The post ranking system allows the users of the forum to rank each post by political bias. This in turn will allow the users to indirectly rank the topic in it's entirety as well as the posters. This ranking system could promote a dramatic difference in how you are really representing your position against all the users of this forum.

For instance: If you consider yourself "Very Conservative", but most of your post are Liberally ranked - you may not be as extreme right as you think. A single post is not enough data to represent your overall position of course.

How does it work?
Clicking on the "No Rating" or "Rated image" at the bottom right of a post will bring up a popup. In this field it will display the users that have already ranked this post and allow you to rank anonymously if you wish. Select the best fit bias of the post in it's entirety.
Please consider the words of the poster and not neccessarily the news items.
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