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Something really cool :) (And historical too I guess)


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Aug 26, 2007
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This is a picture from the inside cover of a Book I own.. It's a 70 year old forecasting book.

I finally, got off my lazy but and did a little research.

Turns out, this appears to have been owned and used by Harris-Clichy Peterson, Physicist (Harcly or Pete), a member of:

The Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (1947-48), led by Finn Ronne, was the last privately sponsored U.S. expedition. Using Byrd's old base, East Base, on Stonington Island, Ronne closed the unexplored gap at the head of the Weddell Sea.
The expedition explored a 1/4 of a million square miles of territory and mapped a further 450,0000 square miles of newly discovered land.

Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition

I sent them a copy of that above, and some more information and have offered it to the family if they want it for their collection.
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That is both very cool, and very cool of you to offer the book to them.
That is both very cool, and very cool of you to offer the book to them.

I've had it for like 12 years now, and I finally got around to looking it up. I was mispelling the dude's name... His hand writing is too... florished.

I'll update this page if anything comes of it.
AND as promised...

I spoke with the Ronne Family folks, they will take the book to put into the collection. We've asked that they put a small sign saying "Donated from the Private Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Vicchio" (Obviously not my screen name but you know the drill folks)

That we said was all we wanted in return. :)
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