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Social Security - Role reversal?


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May 19, 2004
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Republican - FIX Social Security now. Liberal value of looking for a change.

Democrat - KEEP it as it is, it's not broken. Conservative value, don't fix if it isn't broken.

It is interesting. Bush made a point of taking the Democrat platform away from them after the close election of 2000. It was an excellent political move even though I hated it. I think it did more to show the true colors of the Democrats than anything the Republicans have tried before. I remember when he let Ted Kennedy write the education bill. I wondered what in hell he was thinking. Then the Democrat and Liberal talking heads/media started finding fault with it, to turn people who didn’t know Kennedy drafted it against the Bush Administration. It really made them the party of fools IMO. When the Democrats were chanting “fix SS now” it was a great idea, now it isn’t. When the Democrats voted to oust Saddam, it was a good idea. When Bush actually did it, then it was a bad idea. It just shows how insincere they are. They will say anything for votes.
Dems don't have Ideas, just blastfemy

Its amazing how politics works?

Dems - We will tell you what you are doing wrong without offering a sollusion, then complain to you that you didn't offer a sollution.

Reps - Just cause you lost the last 2 elections, doesn't give you credibility in Social Security.

Me - Whats to fix? Whats to change? I'm going to save 4 my own retirement in Attuities, and couldn't careless!
Welcome to Debate Politics!

I started this thread to see if anyone else notices the policy reversal starting in the US today.

It's scary.
From a conservative point of view I don't like it, but I suppose no changes can be made if your party is never in power. What is more interesting is this has pushed the left, further left to distinguish themselves from the Republican movement. It just makes them look punitive and childish when they complain.
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