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Shrimps affected by anti depressants


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Dec 27, 2009
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well thts what I thought when I read the heading of this article. I had heard of prozac for dogs .... but crustaceans?

no prescription required ... what we excrete, they consume.... and it changes their behaviour.

just another thing in the long list of what we have to think about when considering the consequences of what we do.

Antidepressants taking toll on marine life

Scientists in Britain have found antidepressant drugs are affecting the behaviour of marine animals such as shrimps.

In 2001, approximately 4 million people around the world were prescribed antidepressants containing the pharmaceutical fluoxetine.

Much of the active compound is excreted from the human body and is transported in sewerage to many estuaries and coastal waters.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth say these antidepressants can change the behaviour of shrimps and potentially damage the food chain.

The researchers found that crustaceans exposed to fluoxetine were five times more likely to swim towards a light source than to swim away from it, making them more vulnerable to attack from fish and birds.

Antidepressants taking toll on marine life - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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