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  • What's your weather. We are still under freezing here. 21F right now, will get up to freezing later today 32F. That's pretty balmy for this time of year for us :cool:

    I guess my weather cam was over at PF. We missed the massive snowstorm that buried the US capital last week, it stayed south of us. They are getting another one in a few days, that one is going to miss us too! This is Maine, we're supposed to get the snow :2mad: We are below average for snowfall so far this winter.
    Hiya, potty mouth :giggle: :giggle:

    Wassnew down undah?

    Good morning from the UK crafty, clic on user cp, clic on group memberships, clic on the wanderers and it will give me pleasure to admit you
    First on the wall ! But may I say your other name? Perhaps not. It is not my secret to spill. Make sure you get the keys to the Tavern from BL Zeebub the bartender. Pop into the Tiki Bar for a drink :beer:
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