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Should there be more words or less words?

I love words, so I’m torn on this, wouldn’t mind seeing some other opinions…

The discussion that spawned it, was a woman’s ability to seduce men, it’s power, nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, if well directed. Women who abuse that power aren’t nice, same as an employer abusing their power over an employee. We call employers assholes/bitches. We call women sluts/whores. Fairly applied or not, they’re just terms we invented and agree upon what they mean. We already naturally understand what kind of person they are, no matter the sex or employment issue – even if you call them ‘Your Excellency’... Behavior matters more than words, right?

So I’m thinking (while high), what’s a CORE word to adequately describe the type of woman who might fairly be fitted with the label ‘slut’ – that removes her sex, her age, etc, etc, from the equation? Just, what type of ‘being’ is she? How many words just got wiped off the map if we were to toss the ‘unusable’ ones in the trash, forget they existed? That sounds like it could be a pretty good thing to me, although I do believe most people don’t have a firm grasp on word usage, words are easily manipulated, cavalierly used, and we’ve become needlessly and ignorantly bogged down with them.

But then what about great lyric and literature that touch you, make you think and ponder with a clear and concise vision of things you intrinsically know to be true, and were glad you remembered, had someone articulate it for you in a way that described how lip-tremblingly hard you get it…? To lose that sounds like a tragedy I couldn’t swallow…

Forget about free speech. That’s a feel-good term. I sometimes get flashes of clarity on how stupid it is for human beings to actually have beliefs, culture, etc, that make it possible for us to even think a need for the term, with all the turmoil we put ourselves through to acquire and protect it. Can anyone else see the utter cave-man primitiveness of it? What are we thinking? Why are we wasting our time? How low on the totem pole are we really?

Theoretically for a second; if we were all telepathic, how would you transmit those thoughts on a slut… or your feelings on the human condition? How many ‘images’ or ‘wave pulses’, whatever, would it take to sum up the entire cosmic equation of man’s inhumanity to man? How much of a restriction are words? And should we be less apathetic toward those who ‘spin’ them, and ‘hide’ them, even ‘create’ them and generally ‘use’ them like undeserved sluts…? If we’re so hell bent on ‘protecting’ words, shouldn’t we be appalled by those who would so callously think to demean a word like that? Why would we ever ‘vote’ someone into ‘leadership’ who would do such a thing, only saying what we want to hear every 4 years, us falling for it every time? Do any of us have a ****ing clue or concern with seemingly impertinent inconsistencies like this? Does anyone else see them as the magnifying glass on our aimless and oblivious existence…?




Oct 29, 2010
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