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Should Kerry be the Commander in Chief


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Jun 3, 2004
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Should Kerry be the Commander in Chief? I think the answer to the question can be found at then end of this letter.

Found at http://www.frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=13661

A Texas Soldier's Letter to Senator John Kerry

By Michael Connelly
FrontPageMagazine.com | June 4, 2004

Dear Senator Kerry,

Since it has become clear that you will probably be the Democratic nominee for President, I have spent a great deal of time researching your war record and your record as a professional politician. The reason is simple, you aspire to be the Commander in Chief who would lead my sons and their fellow soldiers in time of war. I simply wanted to know if you possess the necessary qualifications to be trusted in that regard.

You see, I belong to a family of proud U.S. veterans. I was a Captain in the Army Reserve, my father was a decorated Lieutenant in World War II; and I have four sons who have either served, or are currently serving in the military.

The oldest is an Army Lieutenant still on active duty in Afghanistan, after already being honored for his service in Iraq.

The youngest is an E-4 with the military police. His National Guard unit just finished their second tour of active duty, including six months in Guantanamo Bay. My two other sons have served in the national guard and the Navy.

In looking at your record I found myself comparing it not only to that of my father and my sons, but to the people they served with. My father served with the 87th Chemical Mortar Battalion in Europe. They landed on Utah Beach and fought for 317 straight days, including the Cherbourg Peninsula, Aachen, the Hurtgen Forest, and the Battle of the Bulge.

You earned a Silver Star in Vietnam for chasing down and finishing off a wounded and retreating enemy soldier. (A violation of the Geneva Convention)

My father won a Bronze Star for single handedly charging and knocking out a German machine gun nest that had his men pinned down.

You received three purple hearts for what appears to be three minor scratches. In fact, you only missed a combined total of two days of duty for these wounds.

The men of my father's unit, the 87th, had to be admonished by their commanding officer because it had been brought to his attention that some men were covering up wounds and refusing medical attention for fear of being evacuated and permanently separated from their organization...

It was also a common occurrence for seriously wounded soldiers to go AWOL from hospitals in order to rejoin their units.

You, however, used your three purple hearts to leave Vietnam early.

My oldest boy came home from Iraq with numerous commendations and then proceeded to volunteer to go to Afghanistan, and from there back to Iraq again. My sons and father have never had anything but the highest regard and respect for their fellow soldiers.

Yet, you came home to publicly charge your fellow fighting men with being war criminals and to urge their defeat by the enemy. You even wrote a book that had a cover which mocked the heroism of the U.S. Marines who raised the flag on Iwo Jima.

Our current crop of soldiers has a philosophy that no one gets left behind; and they have practiced that from Somalia to the battlefields of the Middle East.

Yet, as chairman of a Senate committee looking into allegations that many of your fellow servicemen had been left behind as prisoners in Vietnam, you chose to defend the brutal Vietnamese regime.

You even went so far as to refer to the families of the POWs and MIAs as Professional malcontents, conspiracy mongers, con artists, and dime-store Rambos.

As a Senator you voted against the 1991 Gulf War, and have repeatedly voted against funds to supply our troops with the best equipment, and against money to improve our intelligence capability.

I find this particularly ironic since as a Presidential candidate you are highly critical of our pre-war intelligence in Iraq. However, you did vote to authorize the President to go to war, but have since proceeded to do everything you can to undermine the efforts of our government and our troops to win. Is this what our fighting men and women can expect of you if you are their Commander in Chief? Will you gladly send them to war, only to then aid the enemy byundermining the morale of our troops and cutting off the weapons they need to win?

Our country is at war Senator, and as has been the case in every war since the American Revolution, a member of my family is serving their country during the war. Now you want me to trust you to lead my sons in this fight.

Sorry, Senator, but when I compare your record to those who have fought and died for this nation, and are currently fighting and dying, the answer is not just no, but Hell No!


Michael Connelly
February 14, 2004
Dallas, Texas
This deserves a sticky.

Excellent letter!

That letter inspired much wood! Captain Connally calls that slimebag on every major infraction and hypocrisy that the commie weasel has uttered. Although I feel he was way too merciful when chastising him for being a slacker and a traitor regarding the P.O.W/M.I.A. hearings. I remember at the time how my heart sank and cried at the thought of our brave heros being deserted by the government and left behind at the mercy of those torturing savages. There were many documented incidence of our boys escaping and trying to make outside contact to be rescued. There were also many eyewitness accounts stating that the gooks kept some of our boys around to show them how to work the equipment we left behind when we bugged out. These being the so-called rantings of `Professional malcontents, conspiracy mongers, con artists, and dime-store Rambos'. Maybe he should visit the Hanoi Hilton and spend some time in the hole they kept McCain in for 2 years with room service sending down muddy water with rotten scraps and maggots. Maybe between the time the rats eat off his scabs and the gooks pull his arms out of their sockets he'll realize that maybe he should have put in a little more effort to recover our fellow American heros left behind.
Grease my palm and I'll write you a letter

It seems to me that this letter was written by a well greased palm.

You see, I belong to a family of proud U.S. veterans. I was a Captain in the Army Reserve, my father was a decorated Lieutenant in World War II; and I have four sons who have either served, or are currently serving in the military.

Of course, I got three words for him: Pension, pension, pension.
This guy's whole life revolves around military donation whether it's for himself, for his daddy and/or for his kids. I'm surprised he did not mention his wife is in the military too, maybe his uncles and cousins. He's receiving healthy contributions from Bush's campaign.

That's what I think about the letter.
Feel free to look him up - his name and area is in the letter. :comp:

As far as pension, he never mentions if any of them retired or was medically discharged. Plus, if his father or grand father was - he recieves nothing. But, he can join the VFW I guess. Drinking at a bar a pension?

This guy's whole life revolves around military donation whether it's for himself, for his daddy and/or for his kids.

Donation? Military is a job.
We have a volunteer military (at the moment). It's these volunteers that protect, die and fight for our freedom. It was volunteers who fought for our Revolution, it was volunteers who died in our own bloody Civil War. How well were their palms greased with pensions following their service?

The fact that we have a volunteer military saves the US military services from having draft a bunch of knuckleheads who don't want to be there anyway.

Our military should always be held in high regard and respect for their service, regardless of their own personal political views. No amount of money, pension or otherwise, can begin to compensate the hell some of our servicemen went through. Kerry's "Band-Aid and tweezers" Purple Hearts should be considered an insult to real and honest heroes across the country.
No doubt, I have the utmost respect for our servicemen(note that I did not say and women) serving in the military, fighting overseas, protecting our borders and our sovereignty. These heroes lost their live to give us what we have today: America, the greatest nation. I respect their families, their friends and their friend's friends. But when it comes to a man, whether it be a general or a corporal, taking money and yes I'm accusing him of getting paid to support a particular party, I don't have any respect for you.
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